8 - 9 March 2016

Brussels, Belgium

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The ~okeanos Cloud Service

Evangelos Floros - GRNET S.A.

~okeanos (http://okeanos.grnet.gr) is an open source IaaS cloud software that provides a complete range of Cloud services such as compute, storage, network, accounting, billing and security. ~okeanos is developed by GRNET, the Greek NREN, with the purpose to provide public cloud services to the Greek Academic and Research community.

The software is modular, comprising of a number of different components which can be independently deployed and exploited. Access to the services is provided through an intuitive user friendly Web interface as well as from command line tools. Programmatically, ~okeanos offers a set of well documented proprietary REST APIs as well as standard APIs such as OpenStack Compute (Nova) and OpenStack Object Storage (swift compliant). Currently the software is in Alpha-2 version and ready to move to beta in the coming weeks. Nevertheless the software is already used to run a public cloud service which already has attracted more than 1700 users and is hosting 10000+ VMs.

~okeanos is one of the two cloud platforms that provide resources to the CELAR EC-funded project (http://www.celarcloud.eu). CELAR is a three year STREP ICT project that kicked-off on October 2012 with the aim to investigate and develop Cloud elasticity solutions. The technologies developed by the project will be showcased by two use cases: a cancer research workflow which will be ported to ~okeanos in collaboration with the Institute of Cancer Research, Royal Cancer Hospital UK, and a Social Game application developed by PlayGen Ltd This demo will present two of the core components of ~okeanos: The Cyclades IaaS cloud service and the Pithos+ object storage service. Both are accessed using an intuitive user friendly graphical web interface. The demo will focus on typical user interaction scenarios, like VM management life-cycle and object storage handling using the web interface.