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9 - 10 March 2015

Brussels, Belgium

The devil is in the data, the value is in the...?

Time is the enemy of data. Data that has enormous value the moment it’s created but less or even no value an hour, a minute, or even a second from now. Time-to-value is becoming more urgent every day. A key theme of Cloudscape VII is finding new ways to identify and act on fast-moving, valuable data in real time based on a practical, hands-on approach led by global experts.
Pushing the boundaries, moving out of our comfort zones. How can we use the cloud to turn big data into smart data for business innovation? How can we gain economically useful knowledge from big data generated at companies, through smart devices and sensors? How can we make our cities smarter with better citizen services and real-time information services? How can we be sure cloud services are trusted and secure in an increasingly mobile world? How can we be sure cloud is really energy efficient?
Cloudscape VII - Quality people for real insights. Inspiration from top thought leaders, end-user perspectives, lightning talks & interactive discussions, live demos and application running, practical approaches to cloud adoption, networking opportunities and cocktail reception.

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