Cloud landscape clustering

The Cloudwatch project (Sep 2013 - Oct 2025) collected input from almost 50 projects on the importance of Cloud computing characteristics as defined by NIST for their respective outcomes and results. Preliminary data analysis showed promising results, and the Cloudwatch2 follow-on project continues to collect responses. The demonstration will showcase two major usage scenarios of the publicly available web application:

a) Cloud computing sector stakeholders may contribute their input using the web application. Data input and validation may occur during the demonstration, adding the scores to the live demonstration on site. Alternatively, data input may occur off-site, and validation may be done asynchronously through other verification means.

b) Same stakeholders can also use the tool to analyse the cloud landscape on-demand, with some control over how the respondent clustering would work out, and determine other projects and activities that have similar interests, for further engagement.



Michel Descher Michel Drescher currently holds two positions as Founder and Director of  Cloud Consult Ltd., and as Cloud Computing Standards Specialist of Oxford e-Research Centre at the University of Oxford.

Working for the University Oxford, he drives the standardisation of Cloud Computing services in Europe and world-wide, working with the European Commission, OASIS, IEEE, ETSI, OGF, SNIA and other organisations in this field; while managing Cloud Consult Ltd. Michel provides software engineering consultancy and support for Cloud service providers, supports Cloud service consumers in selecting appropriate Cloud services, and spearheads research and innovation consortium building within Europe.

In his previous position, he was with the Stichting European Grid Initiative, leading and overseeing the development and evolution of software components deployed across a sustainable Production Grid in Europe. Prior to that, he had several positions in the ICT industry at Zühlke Engineering AG, Open Grid Forum, Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe, Ltd., Nokia Networks and Pallas GmbH.

He holds a diploma of Universität Bielefeld in Computer Science & Biology.

His LinkedIn profile is at: