Cloud Federation and Multi-cloud Application Deployment for Bioinformatics Research

Cyclone aims to develop a software platform and a set of tools for the deployment, management and execution of applications in multi-cloud environments. Security and optimal use of computing resources are the key concerns in the project. In this poster, we illustrate "CYCLONE approach" over two usecases in the bioinformatics domain. In the first usecase, we show how a bioinformatics application that performs analysis of genomics data is deployed in the platform. Since the genomics data may also refer to human medical data, CYCLONE ensures that the necessary security measures are at place for ensuring privacy. In the second usecase, the on-demand creation of a (dedicated) network over an existing cloud infrastructure is illustrated for a compute/data intensive application. The application is a cloud virtual pipeline that processes large amounts of microbial genomic data. A high-level description of the software components of CYCLONE is also provided for the realization of the first usecase.