Extreme Automation of Distributed Systems, Services, and APIs Testing

Distributed Systems, Services, APIs testing is hard, complex, time-consuming, costly in effort and equipment. simplyTestify is a Software as a Service deployed on a public cloud infrastructure that provides extreme test automation of synchronous, asynchronous, time-constrained, large scale, multi-owner distributed systems, services and APIs. Testing features are provided through a self-provisioning, pay-as-you-go, lower cost business model implemented by an highly elastic, available, reliable and secure SaaS on a public cloud infrastructure.

The user, through API and GUI, supplies simplyTestify with appropriate models and policies and invokes automated test generation and run methods. simplyTestify tests the distributed system under test by interacting with its components, which may be located wherever, through the Internet or via direct connections.

simplyTestify provides test extreme automation, i.e.: (i) test mechanization of basic test tasks (configuration, binding, execution, arbitration, logging, reporting); (ii) test automated optimization - evidence-based test generation, dynamic test scheduling, reactive test planning, troubleshooting - driven by formal methods and artificial intelligence techniques such as probabilistic reasoning and temporal logic; (iii) test routinization of all the test tasks via the simplyTestify APIs. Compared to the current market tools, simplyTestify reduces by one order of magnitude the testing CAPEX and OPEX and improves by one order of magnitude the test efficacy and efficiency.